Herpetology is a branch of the zoological sciences that studies two groups of backboned animals, the reptiles and amphibians. I have been involved in herpetological research for nearly 40 years with an interest in the subject that goes back to my schooldays. The main purpose of this site is to make available pdf files of publications, mostly of research, and provide additional information about the study sites.

My original research interest in reptiles and amphibians concerned their thermal ecology but have since worked on population ecology and long term population changes in amphibians and reptiles. This includes field studies in what was at the time Yugoslavia (tortoises and lizards), Morocco (lizards, tortoises, terrapins and amphibians), Australia (lizards) with Dr Roger Avery, Sri Lanka (lizards) and France. After retirement from teaching at Huddersfield Technical College I moved to France, where I mostly study reptile and amphibian road ecology but also nest site selection in grass snakes, thermal ecology of tree frogs. More recently I have studied movements and population changes in aspic vipers in collaboration with Dr Luca Luiselli and colleagues from Rome, Italy.

I also edit (since 2012) Herpetological Bulletin, and have acted as interim editor of Herpetological Journal, both peer reviewed publications, on behalf of the British Herpetological Society (see contact page).

Roger Meek Herpetology in France
Herpetology in France
Roger Meek Herpetology in France



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