Herpetology is a branch of the zoological sciences that studies two groups of backboned animals, the reptiles and amphibians. I have been involved in herpetological research  for over 30 years with an interest in the subject that goes back to my schooldays. The main purpose of this site is to make available pdf files of publications, mostly of research, and provide additional information about the study sites.

My main interest in reptiles and amphibians is in their thermal ecology and quite a few of the publications on this site concern this aspect of their ecology. My first attempt at research on thermoregulation was a laboratory heat gradient study of monitor lizards Varanus salvator and Varanus bengalensis. John Coborn, the organiser of the Cotswold Herpetological Symposium in Oxfordshire (England), invited me to present the results at the 1977 meeting where I met herpetologists involved in research. In 1978 I progressed to studying thermoregulation and population dynamics in what was at the time Yugoslavia on tortoises and lizards. This was followed by research in Morocco, Australia and Sri Lanka. After retirement from teaching at Huddersfield Technical College I moved to France, where I mostly collect data on reptile and amphibian road-kill. This includes trying to understand why and how reptiles and amphibians utilise road surfaces with the ultimate objective of developing mitigation measures to reduce casualties. 

I also edit the Herpetological Bulletin, a peer reviewed publication, on behalf of the British Herpetological Society (see contact page).

Roger Meek Herpetology in France
Herpetology in France
Roger Meek Herpetology in France



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